Brush away the brushes: The advantages of the brushless high output alternator

  • Jan 03, 2019

The Technology Wins at the Longer Lifespan and Higher Output Fields

Most of the vehicles and light trucks still use the traditional alternators with brushes. Perhaps this technology will last, but there is a better solution present, especially for the heavier-weight automobiles. While the brushless alternators made the news more than a decade ago, it seems like this type is not widely used in most of the cars. Well, maybe the time to brush away the brushes will come sooner rather than later. But let’s see in a nutshell what’s so great about the brushless alternators.


Wearing Out Takes More Time

There are various advantages of this technology compared to the older one. Every driver with at least two or three years of history on the road has experienced or know that the traditional alternators wear out at some point. If the generator does not work correctly, the battery will not charge, and the vehicle might stop operating literally while on the highway. No one would like to be in a situation like this. One of the main reasons for the alternator to wear out is the way the brushes get exhausted by the intensive use. So, with the brushless alternators, you will have no such issue – there are no brushes to wear out.

The newer type has undoubtedly one big advantage compared to the more traditional kind. The brushless alternators last much longer than the brushed alternators. There are no slip rings too; thus, the number of wearing parts is smaller with the most recent technology. Typically, the brushless type goes with much-extended warranty – from 100 000 km up to more than 300 000 km. It’s not that the modern alternators are unbreakable, but undeniably they last much longer.

Another significant advantage of the brushless alternators is the high output. While the average car might not need more than 50-70 A, the requirements for heavy trucks or buses increases much more than that. A freighter operating on a regular basis on long distances have to be “fed” with 200, even 300 A. The more recently introduced type meets that challenge successfully, while the old brushed alternators have their limits producing a higher output.

The brushless alternators are, in fact, composed of two alternators built end-to-end on one shaft. There are 13 fewer parts to wear out, so the maintenance is easier and cheaper. Except for being more durable, these alternators usually weigh less.


Is This the Truck Type Alternator?

Indeed, you can jump to such a conclusion summarizing the information above. The brushless alternators work better, longer and with fewer issues for highway trucks as well as for earthmoving machinery, intercity coaches, etc. While the application of the technology is primarily linked with the automotive industry, it might be used in other fields of production too. Brushless alternators might work successfully for a variety of machine building-related industries. Besides, the technology is involved in wind power generators. It is not hard to predict that the best days of the brushless alternators will increase the impact in different areas of professional activity and everyday life in the foreseeable future.