The Cold Forging Process

  • Mar 14, 2019

The process of cold forging and cold forming of details is significantly simpler and therefore much more cheap way of metal processing. The secondary forging of the already formed detail is much easier and require almost no expenses. Shall the details be thereafter welded or soldered, it is possible to create preforms with stamps.

Our engineers are closely observing the whole process of forging - from the moment of designing to the end product to ensure there are no deviations from the quality standards and workflow timings.

In nowadays, the cold forging process is the most progressive method of metal processing. All details are ready to use right after they are formed with no technical time needed for cooling – this makes the process relatively simple and automatable.

The process of cold forming now takes the lead in the technology of metalworking and is used in several industries – in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, aircraft construction, etc.

The required parts are developed in cooperation with our customers up till the mass-production stage and then cold-forged on hydraulic presses according to the blueprints.



You can read more information about the Cold Forged Parts on the link below: