Cold Forged Parts - Top Benefits and Process

We use cold forging or impact extrusion to produce highly complex Cold Forged Parts in one pressing operation. Mechanical finish, annealing and surface coating complete the service range.

The cold forged parts are structurally superior and very cost effective, therefore are widely used in all kinds of fields from industrial machines to automobiles, ships and airplanes. In close cooperation with our customers, the desired parts are developed to mass-production stage and then cold-forged on hydraulic presses according to the blueprints.

  • Cold Forged Parts
  • Cold Forged Parts
  • Cold Forged Parts

Since 1967 DYNAMO has been developing and manufacturing cold-forged parts made of steel, aluminum, copper, brass and special materials. Our 16 cold-forming presses (up to 2500 ton) meet the highest quality demands, improve mechanical properties and achieve significant cost savings versus classical turned part manufacturing.

Cold Forging


Cold Forged Parts

Better Surface Finish

Improved Mechanical Properties

Reduced Production Cost

Superior dimensional control

High rates of production

Custom Solutions

We can make a custom solution on your request.