High Output Alternators - Benefits, Application

All of our High Output Alternators are made with brushless technology, ensuring lower maintenance costs, higher durability and longer exploitation periods. The output power of these brushless alternators is more than 200A.

Different solutions of our alternators are defined taking into account the demands of each application and are designed for long life, maintenance free operation under extreme conditions.

The high efficiency of Dynamo's unique design requires less engine horsepower and fuel to produce the high output required in the emergency vehicle, railroad, bus, and military markets. Alternators product range include two basic designs considering cooling of the electric machine, compact alternators with internal fans and classic alternators with external fan.

We are using special high temperature resistance greasing technology, which decreases product’s wear over time and improves further high output alternator’s reliability and durability.


  • Brushless technology
  • Long-life of all components
  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High Durability
  • Low weight
  • Custom builds – Dynamo is building custom high output alternators as per client’s request
  • Different voltage – as per client’s request (24V, 48V or other)

Brushless Technology

Neither brushes nor slip rings are used in these alternators, which reduces the number of wearing parts. A brushless alternator is composed of two alternators built end-to-end on one shaft, although it may look like one unit.

The brushless technology guarantees low maintenance costs and high reliability of all high output alternators.


High Output Alternators are applicable for vehicles with high electricity consumption. The most common usage is for transit and city busses, heavy-duty machinery, motorhomes, trucks etc.

DYNAMO A203-T1 28V/400 A high-output alternator can replace two standard alternators

  • Cold Formed Parts
  • Cold Formed Parts

Why should you choose our High Output Alternators?

High efficiency

Efficiency of 71-85% at all speed ranges.

Low weight

Comparative lower weight as compared to other similar class units.


Maintenance-free unit with heavy-duty front 6307 and rear 6206, double sealed ball bearing.

Brushless Technology

These brushless alternators guarantee low maintenance costs and high reliability.

Custom Alternators

We can build a custom alternator on your request.