Forget About Brushes: The Benefits of Brushless High Power Generators

Forget About Brushes: The Benefits of Brushless High Power Generators

Brushless technology has the advantage of longer generator life and higher output voltages.

Most vehicles and light trucks still use traditional brush generators. Maybe this technology will continue to be used, but there is a better solution, especially for heavier trucks. Brushless alternators have been in production for more than a decade, but it seems that this type of generator is still not widely used in the automotive industry. Given the benefits of brushless alternators, maybe the time to say goodbye to brush generators will come very soon. But let’s briefly see the advantages of brushless alternators.

Wear takes longer

There are various advantages of this technology compared to the older one. Every driver with at least two or three years of experience has experienced or knows that traditional generators wear out at some point. If the generator does not work properly, the battery will not charge and the car may literally stop while on the highway. No one would want to be in such a situation. One of the main reasons for the wear of the alternator is the wear of its brushes due to intensive use. This problem does not exist with brushless alternators – no brushes, no problem.

Brushless generators undoubtedly have a big advantage over the more traditional type. They have a much longer service life than traditional ones. The lack of contact ring bearings reduces the number of wearing parts. Usually the brushless type has an extended warranty – from 100,000 km to over 300,000 km.

Another significant advantage of brushless alternators is the high power. While the average car needs 50-70 A of electricity, the requirements for heavy trucks or buses are much higher. Brushless generators successfully meet this challenge, while older generators have their limitations.

Brushless generators in their entirety are two generators built on a common shaft. They have a total of 13 parts less to wear, so maintenance is easier and cheaper. In addition to being more durable, these alternators weigh less.

Is this the type of generators designed for trucks?

Indeed, we can draw such a conclusion by summarizing the information above. Brushless alternators work better, longer and with less problems for highway trucks, as well as for excavation machines, intercity buses, etc. While the application of the technology is mainly related to the automotive industry, it can also be used in other areas of production.

Brushless alternators can work successfully for a variety of engineering industries. In addition, the technology is used in wind turbines. In view of evolving technologies, it is not difficult to conclude that brushless generators will increase their application in various fields of professional activity and in everyday life in the future.

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